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Lyndel Schuster MS RD, Director of Account Mgt, Dietitians on Demand, Richmond, VA

When it comes to traveling dietitian gigs, Fritha is the original.  As of 2019, she had worked nine assignments for Dietitians on Demand in seven different States: South Carolina, Florida, North Dakota, California, Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia. Fritha has been a registered dietitian for more than 30 years and last year shared some amazing advice for dietetics interns and new dietitians.  If there's anyone who can share amazing travel stories, it's Fritha.

Rev. Paul Capps, Senior Pastor, Peachtree Baptist Church, Atlanta GA

When we recently developed entirely new Bylaws for the church, Fritha was incredibly helpful in providing grammatical corrections, but also clarifying points.  Our governance is better because Fritha was involved.

Rev. Leslie Brogdon, Mom and Associate Pastor, Peachtree Baptist Church, Atlanta GA

We have a gluten intolerance in our family and also have multiple food allergies: dairy, cilantro, apricots, and sweet potato! Fritha encouraged us to continue to feed our daughter oats [which do not have natural gluten but may acquire it in processing] when she was young while we weren't feeding her gluten. I'm so grateful we listened to her advice. My daughter can eat gluten now and doesn't have any other known allergies. Her cousin is allergic to oats, so I feel like that could have been what happened to us without Fritha's advice! 

Phillis Mwaura, Mom and Communicable Disease Specialist (CDS)/PrEP Coordinator

Fritha has been our daughter's piano teacher for almost three years now.  She's incredibly talented, graceful, and has made our daughter love piano even more.

She is dedicated and flexible, and we appreciate that we didn't have to  stop piano lessons during the pandemic, but adapted to delivering lessons virtually.

We recommend Fritha to anyone interested in learning piano, whether young or old.

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