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Need a fresh set of eyes to take a look at academic, consumer-targeted, and professional documents before final submission to publisher?  We’ll check punctuation and grammar according to standard US English for accuracy and consistency, and will suggest vocabulary and syntax changes if you request. 


Proofreaders finish the work of editors.

Proofreading is the final and important post-editorial step toward getting a document ready to share with its intended audience.


Proofreading ensures consistency and accuracy in:

·  Grammar--Are subjective (I) and objective (me) cases correct?  i.e., Who vs. Whom

·  Spelling--Spot errors—they’re easy to make and more common than you think.

·  Punctuation--Is the Oxford comma used (or not used) uniformly throughout the document?

·  Capitalization--When used, are capitals carried through consistently?



·  Designed and completed multiple research projects

·  Reviewed academic papers for associates

·  Fulfilled paralegal qualifications, including award in legal writing given by American Institute for Paralegal Studies

·  Proofed by-laws document prior to presentation for vote by corporation

·  Reviewed college/university applications

·  Created constitution and by-laws for business start-up

·  Drafted written reports to guide healthcare leaders in regulatory compliance for more than 30 years

Rate: $40/1000 words (plus printing costs if needed)

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